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Leave Your Furry-Friends in the Care of DogMom

Enjoy your travels knowing your beloved dogs are being properly cared for by DogMom and her staff at DogMom's Boarding House. At our kennel-free boarding home in Germantown, Maryland, we offer the comforts and pleasures of being with a caring family, in a loving home. We have over 10 years of experience in the pet boarding industry.

Caring Pet Sitter

Playtime During the Day

Send your pets to a fun and exciting getaway on their own at our boarding facility. Here, your dogs are free to play, socialize, and roam around with their furry playmates. Our staff will provide constant companionship to them while playing fetch and tug of war or going for walks. We allow your dogs to have frequent bio breaks and go outdoors to a fenced yard whenever they wish.

Bedtime at Night

At DogMom's Boarding House, we assure you that our facility is more comfortable and inviting. Since it is also a home, it is never overwhelming for your four-legged family member to be here. Your dog will never be left unsupervised indoors or outdoors. At night, we put your pets to sleep. They tuck away each night in any cozy place at our facility. Sometimes, pet sitters cuddle them in a warm and loving embrace.

Meet and Greet

To know more about our pet sitters before you leave your puppies in our care, we schedule a meet and greet appointment with you. You can check who will take care of your dogs while we get to know you and your furry friends, too.

Safety is Our Priority

Please note that we do not accept dogs that show the slightest sign of aggression. Keeping every dog safe is our top priority. We even monitor their interactions round the clock.

Affordable Dog Boarding Rates

Fees range from $20-$50 for overnight boarding, and vary based on the weight and size of the dog. Pet care for puppies under seven months of age has an additional charge of $5 per night. You can register your dog any time and checkout at 11 a.m.

Doggy Daycare Center

Doggy Day Care costs $15-$30 depending on the weight and size of your dog. This service is good for up to eight hours. Long-term boarding discounts are available.