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Give your pets the pampering they deserve with our dog boarding services at DogMom's Boarding House in Germantown, Maryland. Below are some of the positive feedback we have received from valued clients and staff.

"I left my Gizmo, Maltese, at DogMom's Boarding House for a week and it was great!! I was happy to receive daily picture mail of Gizmo having a great time playing with other dogs and kids!! Super happy with the attention and care they gave him... and I loved the fact that he was able to chill on couches and even their beds!! I know he loved his stay!! So people... When you're out of town and need to leave your pet, I recommend this service!! I loved it!"
— Ana 

"Great place, have been going here for several years now. Very flexible, great price, will send pictures and videos when I'm on travel so I know he is ok."
— Miranda

"I admire how much the staff care about the dogs they give a level of care equal to owner-to-pet. I also like how the dogs get frequent walks and playtime a guarantee that your dog won't get lazy or bored. Most of all I respect the safety & concerns for the dogs; I have yet to come across an aggressive dog boarding at DogMoms or any complaints. My #1 choice is DogMoms my dogs second home!"
— Demetriace

"I left my two dogs Luna & Grey. I was pleased on how friendly the environment was, all the dogs got along just fine I liked how Ms. Dog Mom was sending me pictures of everything my dogs were doing."
— Vanessa

"I HIGHLY recommend DogMoms Boarding House. I've left my dog with Blanca at least 10 times over the last couple years, and it's obvious that she's always done an excellent job of taking care of him. Based on the pictures she sends and stories I hear when I pick him up, the dogs get a lot of attention and walks — plus a big house and yard. She's the only person I've been able to leave my dog with and truly not worry about him while I'm away. I unfortunately live almost an hour from DogMoms' house, much more with traffic, but the trip is well worth it. She's always very responsive, as well as very accommodating with when I can drop him off and pick him up. Also, her prices are very reasonable, especially compared to what a lot of people around DC charge."
— Brad

"I volunteer here at the dog boarding house and the environment is superb."
— Oscar